Internet Trends of 2014

Every year the preeminent Mary Meeker delivers her much anticipated “State of the Internet” presentation at the Code conference in California. Here are the slides from her talk, loaded with statistics on how the web is changing and where it might lead.
Three key takeaways for journalists interested in community engagement:

Mobile is still growing fast
Mobile traffic’s percentage of total internet traffic is growing 1.5X per year, making up roughly 25% of all web traffic worldwide, and 19% of all web traffic in North America. 30% of all mobile users are now smartphone users. Tablet shipments increased 53% in 2013 and are being adopted at a rate faster than personal computers ever were.

Social networking is changing from broadcast to private sharing
Rather than share a little with a lot of people, people are sharing a lot with a few close friends using popular apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Photo sharing is up
In the first half 2014, people have already shared 50% more photos than all of 2013 combined. This is driven by the growth in popularity of Snapchat and WhatsApp.

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