The Engagement Hub

The Engagement Hub is an interactive platform to support peer-to-peer learning among people in news organizations who want to more authentically connect with their communities.

The hub works by involving its members in sharing stories and resources, connecting with each other as learning partners, and developing their skills for engaging community.

We believe that when the public and journalists engage, journalists start drawing from a more diverse mix of sources, they ask questions that uncover strengths and possible solutions, and they tell stories that inspire the public to get involved.

Hub activities include:

Resource Sharing.  A repository for stories, ideas, how-to materials, and other helpful artifacts from news organizations about their community engagement initiatives for adaptation by other interested organizations.

Community Connection. An exchange for shared learning among interested news organization members in a Google Group.

Capacity Building. Coordinating activities to address industry-wide challenges, like assessing impact. Holding conference sessions, workshops, and webinars that use engagement skills to support news organizations in further developing their engagement skills.

The Engagement Hub addresses questions drawn from working with the pilot sites of the American Society of News Editors and Journalism That Matters Community Connection and Inclusion project:

  • What is community engagement?
  • Why do it?
  • How to do it?
  • How to tell if it is making a difference?
  • How to build on the momentum?

Community Connection and Inclusion Project

A partnership between Journalism That Matters and the American Society of News Editors, we are working with local news organizations that are engaging their communities around topics of inclusion and diversity.

Stories from and about these initiatives appear in our blog, Stories. We will also share their stories at an interactive session at the September ASNE Conference to grow awareness of different strategies for engaging a diverse community. Through these connections, more people are able to participate as full partners in the news that matters to them and to their community.

Our partners:


This work made possible thanks to the generous support of the Mott Foundation and the Gannett Foundation.

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