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The Engagement Hub is a partnership between the American Society of News Editors and Journalism That Matters. Born out of the Community Connection and Inclusion project to engage diverse communities, we intend to grow through joining with other news associations.

Project Staff

          Peggy-Holman-small-300x200  Peggy Holman, Project Director

Holman is the Executive Director of Journalism That Matters. Bringing her expertise in organization and community engagement, Holman joined three career journalists in founding Journalism That Matters to support the pioneers who are shaping the emerging news and information ecology.

Based in the Seattle area, Holman is an author who has helped explore a nascent field of social technologies that engage “whole systems” of people from organizations and communities in creating their own future. In the second edition of The Change Handbook, she joins with her co-authors to profile sixty-one change processes.  Her award-winning bookEngaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity, dives beneath these change methods to make visible deeper patterns, principles, and practices for change that can guide us through turbulent times.

josh_wolf_cobert Josh Wolf, Technology Director

Wolf is a reporter and documentary filmmaker who is best known for his fight for the reporter’s privilege that landed him in a federal prison for more than six months. A visionary writer and producer, he was recognized in 2006 as Journalist of the Year by the Northern California chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists “for upholding the principles of a free and independent press.”

Wolf attended his first JTM gathering in 2008 at the NewsTools convening at the Yahoo Campus in Sunnyvale. He then followed JTM to Minneapolis two months later to participate at the gathering JTM hosted in conjunction with the NCMR that year.

A 2011 graduate from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Wolf will coordinate The Illuminations Project and is developing a model for sustained engagement between JTM conferences in addition to working on other initiatives in his role as Editor-at-large.

450px-Wm2007_Sandra_Ordonez  Sandra Ordonez, Digital strategist and community Builder

Ordonez currently serves as Outreach Manager for OpenITP, an organization that supports the community behind FLOSS anti-censorship, anti-surveillance, and humanitarian tech tools. Through her consultation business, Collaborative Nation, she provides journalists and organizations with collaborative management, digital strategy, and community management services as well as training workshops. She has conducted over 400 expert interviews on the future of journalism, providing her with an expertise in digital journalism and online campaign management.

Recipient of the US Latino Award by the Spanish Government and Fundacion Carolina, which included a week to Spain to meet government and private leaders. Maynard Institute named her as one of 30 hispanics to celebrate for Hispanic Heritage Month in 2012. She was also nominated as a SXSW Revolucionaria 2013.

Since the early 90’s Ordonez has worked in high-profile organizations as a successful digital strategist, communications professional and event facilitator. She served as Wikipedia’s first professional Director of Communications and Wikipedia publicist to founder Jimmy Wales, has served on the board of Joomla, one of the three most popular CMSs, and was director of Girls in Tech NY. Ordonez is bilingual in Spanish and expert in multicultural communication, with emphasis on US Latino marketing.

jtm_avatar_2_  Jacob Caggiano, Chief Curator

Jacob works at the intersection of technology and social change, with a strong curiosity toward finding new ways of solving old problems. As chief curator of the Engagement Hub, he is on the hunt for stories and resources that improve collective storytelling. He worked with Mozilla as a news innovation consultant during the startup phase of what is now the OpenNews program, and also helped launch their global Webmaker initiative. He was the lead tester for Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker software and helped organize the Open Video Conference, which brought together key influencers in the free software movement. He’s also worked with youth leaders and media instructors to help young people tell stories on the web, and has written and consulted with several journalism non-profits on the future of public information.

He loves to improvise and has a secret power for getting complete strangers to break into song.

Jennifer  Jennifer Neutel, reporter

Neutel has been working with Axiom News as a Generative Journalist for more than seven years. She completed her Bachelor of Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa. Jennifer is inspired by Axiom’s mission: “We are called to co-create a life-giving news network for a renewed and thriving world.”

Jennifer has a passion for creating strengths-based questions that can lead to positive change. At Axiom News, she and her colleagues develop news inquiries that capture thought-provoking and possibility-oriented ideas in movements that are making a difference.

Axiom News, based in Peterborough, Ontario, provides Generative Journalism services to organizations. Generative Journalism is founded on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, a strengths-based, capacity-building approach for propelling organizations towards their highest potential.


Mike Fancher
Interim Executive Director of the Center for Journalism Innovation & Civic Engagement,
University of Oregon, School of Journalism and Communication
Portland, Oregon
American Society for News Editors, Diversity Co-chair

Linda Fantin
Director, Network Journalism and Innovation
American Public Media, Public Insight Network
St. Paul, Minnesota
Director, Journalism That Matters

Jennifer Hemmingsen
Manager, Community Networks & Engagement
Gazette Communications,
Iowa City, Iowa

Karen Magnuson
Editor & Vice President/News
Democrat and Chronicle Media Group
Rochester, New York
American Society for News Editors, Diversity Co-chair

Martin Reynolds
Senior Editor, Community Engagement and Training
Bay Area News Group
Oakland, California


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