We’re building a vibrant community of journalists and civic enthusiasts who want to share skills and ask questions to better engage with people of all backgrounds.

There are several ways to participate and grow the Hub:

Join our discussion groupengagementhub_discussion_icon

Our goal is to create a place for mutual learning about a topic of growing interest to journalists and news organizations — connecting with the diversity of your communities.

Contribute a resourceengagementhub_resources_icon

We have a growing library of key resources on

the what, why, and how of community engagement. Please share you knowledge with us!


Tell us your storyengagementhub_storytell_icon

Are you involved with journalism and engaging the diversity of your community? Tell us about your work so that others can benefit from your experience.


Shape the future of this projectengagementhub_future_icon

How does the site serve your needs? Where does it fall short and what can be done to improve the learning experience? Send us your suggestions so we can serve you better!

The Engagement Hub is run by a small group of passionate individuals. Please consider supporting our work with a donation to Journalism that Matters, the 501c(3) non-profit organization that powers the work we do.

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