An Introduction to our Engagement Resources

By Jacob Caggiano

As we explore how community engagement is happening across journalism, we need a way to keep track of all the great resources that surface across the web and in our conversations. Here’s a quick primer to how our Resources page works.


Some of you might be familiar with Delicious. It’s a simple social bookmarking service that allows you to save and organize pages on the web.

As you explore links, you can click on any tag and filter down resources that contain the same tag. You can keep adding tags to your filter until you’ve got exactly what you want.

There’s a “tags’ button at the top of the Delicious menu that will show all our tags as a cloud, displayed in alphabetical order, with the larger tags containing more resource links. You can also see that some tags are grouped together in a “tag bundle” which allows you to filter similar tags all at once.

Our goal is to make it easy to explore resources related to these five key questions (each with their own tag of course!)

What is community engagement?

Why do it?

How do you do it?

How do you assess impact?

How do you build momentum and scale?

Once you’ve selected a tag for the question you want answered, for example “Q:How_do_you_do_it?” you can filter down additional tags that contain related topics to that question. One of the limitations to Delicious is that it doesn’t allow us to control the order of links, everything is displayed chronologically, so keep in mind that there may be valuable resources further down that we added less recently.

Resources will be added on a regular basis, and we’re hoping you can help us build our collection!

Contribute a resource here, or if you’re already a Delicious user, add the tag “engagementhub” so we can check out your bookmarks, follow your account, and repost to our site.

For those who are curious on why we chose Delicious, we looked into similar services like Zotero, Diigo, Pinboard, Annotary, Bookie, and Kippt, but found Delicious was the only service that allows embedding into our site. If you have suggestions, please share!

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