Cold Case Writing

By Jennifer Bland

My friend from High School days was murdered in which I had seen her before the crime with a man dancing, I knew a problem was going to happen. I began helping victims and their families in the USA and have been reaching out to other areas too, Great Britain is one of them, seeking Justice. I decided that with the motivation that inspired my goals from my friend, that I could conquer anything knowing that answers do exist, and there are many out there just waiting for someone like me to help them. My college studies began in law Criminal Justice and have branched into Forensic areas. I know that my friend had a lot in life that she would never have after being killed, so I gave my heart out to her and those like her that had been murdered, and or missing persons (“unsolved homicides” and “missing persons cases”). I continue each day when I wake up to increase the help I am currently giving to others and to find more of those like my friend to help, I reach out everyday to help a victim, and to bring Justice. I know that I can make a difference and I know that I have been hopeful to people that had “no-one” there for them. It’s a blessing to be apart of a “need” for people, and to have someone like my friend to hold onto hope even after there gone. I loved my friend Dana, and I will always strive to be apart of what she would have continued in her life; friends, family, love, happiness, and most of all God. Knowing each day I have a reason to get up, other than for myself and that I am helping those with (no-one) or nothing, and those that can’t speak for themselves, is a challenge that I can face each day and know I am doing the best that I can, to help others in need. I currently have social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, (I have many posts/tweets/articles current).

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