Empowering Communities Through Conversation: How do entrepreneurship and diversity intersect?

The We Create Here community engagement managers Sarah Binder and Kiran Sood invited candid reflections at an open discussion on diversity in entrepreneurship at a pre-conference workshop on May 14 at EntreFEST in Iowa City. Using an Open Space conversation format, the group focused on how to create a safe space for tough issues, which are not often voiced.

Watch the video to see how they approached topics such as the role of the white male, the balancing act of being a woman, entrepreneur and a mother, and diversity on college campuses.

After watching, have a look at Kiran’s post, “What is possible at the intersection of diversity and entrepreneurship? and Sarah’s, “Diversity in entrepreneurship: We all have a voice” to find out more.

A version of this story was originally posted on We Create Here. The Gazette Company’s We Create Here is one of three pilot sites participating in the ASNE/Journalism That Matters partnership exploring how and why news organizations are engaging with their communities.

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